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baba wrap


. . . the baba wrap

The Baba Wrap is a soft and comfortable wrap designed for you to maintain contact with your baby while going about your day. Made with quality stretch fabric, the wrap holds your baby snugly in position allowing for optimal comfort. 

The wrap is easy to tie and wear. A wide range of colours are available (see below).

The wrap can be used from birth up to the age of 2. This product is a must-have for all mommies. It has been proven that by carrying your baby, he/she will cry less and is less likely to suffer from colic. Use the Baba Wrap at home, work or out and about.

Ella in the Snuggle Position
Cerrise Pink

Trent in the Face to Chest position (legs in)

Dylan in the Legs Out Position

Excellent Neck Support

Close and Comfy

Free and happy 
(baby can face outwards in this position too)

Sam, Trent, Nicole, Ella, Danielle and Dylan

...available colours


Light Mint


Dusty Pink


Baby Pink


... some happy Always & For Ella customers

Ananja with baby Hanandi

Lizelle with baby Sckalk

Anzelle and baby Liam

Yolandi and baby Milea

Kirsten and baby Summer

Leigh Anne and Baby Kaitlyn

Liam fast asleep in his Stone Baba Wrap

Lisa and baby Lily

Summer cuddled up in her Coral Baba Wrap

Kaitlyn cooking with her mommy

Kaitlyn in her Baba Wrap on a flight