Always & For Ella 

baba wrap


. . . our story


Hello and Welcome to Always & For Ella.

My greatest dream in life has been to be a mommy. My dream came true on 13 August 2013 when our beautiful daughter Ella Liesl Niven was born. Prior to her birth I worked as a Foundation Phase teacher. Now I am a stay-home mommy with a thriving little business. Always & For Ella is a brand inspired by my little princess.

Ella has been in her Baba Wrap from birth, close to her mommy. The perfect tool for bonding between a mother and child. Colic and reflux were never a problem as she was upright in her wrap. I loved how I could have constant contact with Ella while having my hands free. I knew I had to share my love for the Baba Wrap with all mommies.

I would like to thank my gorgeous husband Craig for his ongoing support, late nights and business advice. To my mom Liesl for your unconditional love and setting the example of what a mommy should be. Thank you to my friends and their handsome boys, Sam and baby Trent and Danielle and baby Dylan for being such great models for the Always and For Ella branding.

This journey is just beginning and I am loving every minute of it. Thank you for all your support and interest.

With Love,

Nicole and Ella