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23 April 2014

A tour of the Nelspruit Botanical Gardens with Ellie in her Baba Wrap (8 and a half months old).

Ella in her cerise pink Baba Wrap. I walked through the entire gardens and didn't have any back ache or sore arms from carrying her. The wrap is so comfortable to wear and supports your back and shoulders well. I really love and believe in this product.

Ella in her Always & For Ella Baba Wrap

Ella has been in her Baba Wrap from birth. She absolutely loves it and as a result of the wrap Ella has not suffered a single day of Colic. Here is a look at Ella in her wrap.

Newborn Photo shoot

When Ella was three weeks old we did a newborn photo shoot at our home. Ella was fantastic and despite all the outfit changes she managed to get through the shoot with minimal complaints. This little girl is just the apple of our eyes and we are thankful each and every second for having her. Thank you to the photographer Eric Nilsson for capturing these special moments.

Ella's First Month

Being a mommy has been my dream since I was a little girl. Wow, it is even better than I imagined it. This little girl brings us so much joy and happiness.

Snoozing in daddy's arms

Snuggled up in granny's jersey

It's exhausting being this adorable

Look at all my dark hair

Ella Liesl Niven

13 August 2013

Our beautiful and perfect little princess was born on Tuesday at 09:22. We could not have asked for a more angelic daughter. 

We love you Ella!

SO excited I could just burst!


Never felt such an incredible love before

Strong and Healthy

Proud Daddy

A Delighted Granny

Maternity Photo Shoot

On the 6th of July 2013 at 35 weeks pregnant we did a maternity photo shoot. We did the shoot in Kaapsehoop on a lovely cool day which was wonderful for this heavily pregnant mommy. The dogs came along too, the two black Labs Maggie and Dexter, and Zoey the American Bulldog. The day was filled with lots of laughter and giggles. Thank you to the photographer Eric Nilsson who made us feel so comfortable and for your beautiful work.